M&D (MöbiusDarsho) is a musical collaboration by the two veteran musicians Möbius and Darsho.

M&D's music is best described as Breakbeat Fusion, incorporating influences from many electronic genres and decades of music production.

Darsho & Möbius first got in touch with each other via the german undergound forum 'electronic attack' in 2010.
Realising that they lived in neighbouring cities and having similar musical tastes, they decided to collaborate on a project together.
After releasing the track 'Reality' on Möbius' EP 'Quinque Dimensiones' [foot 175] at the japanese netlabel Bump Foot in 2012, they met regularly to continue producing the M&D music.

Since Möbius moved further away, the night sessions, which had resulted in a track each time, turned to weekend sessions with even more music being written and recorded.

In 2014, a first Album, entitled 'Night Sessions' was released as a Digital Download on the french label Sirona Records. In 2015, the album was also made vailable as a CD via the Anachronaut Label.

The 'Night Sessions' Album features music which was recorded between 2011 and 2013 in Möbius old 'Aix La Chapelle Studio' in Aachen, his recent 'Smoking Chimney Studio' in Chemnitz and Darsho's 'Bended Hill Studios' in Cologne.

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